Could this campaign get anymore screwed up?

This is a rhetorical question. The way this campaign season has gone so far the answer must be yes it will. provided the impetus for the fascist cry-bullies to shut down the Trump rally in Chicago yesterday. This brilliant strategy allowed the vulgarian candidate to claim the high moral ground and dominate the news coverage going into the super Tuesday primaries.  The Sanderista cry-bullies have cast a pall over their candidate, confirmed their fascist tendencies and created support for their nemesis. A perfect trifecta of stupidity.

The Trump campaign seems to be approaching the Rolling Stones Altamont concert as a model. Trump encourages violence against protestors; some supporters act out this rage and his campaign manager is accused of violence against a Breitbart reporter. The GOP war on women just carpet bombed its own.

After 80 bajillion debates that were largely food fights we get some discussion of issues and discover the leader is clueless on policy or details. We just have to trust him to make good deals.

I saw one Tweet that summarized the GOP campaign and my thoughts “.. When the campaign began it was an embarrassment of riches; now its just an embarrassment.”