Our Gangster Government

Waste, fraud and corruption are perennial problems in government. Lately we have seemed to move beyond the misdemeanor level nepotism, overtime abuse, stationary theft level of corruption to felonious actions with seeming impunity. The DoJ malfeasance in the various Clinton scandals is dominating the news right now but is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • DoJ declines to prosecute EPA. The EPA routinely prosecutes individuals for much smaller offenses and failure to report spill but gets a pass for a major spill and failure to report.
  • The nation was aghast that Nixon considered using the IRS against his enemies. The Obama administration actually targeted conservatives. Lois Lerner improperly shared confidential tax data but was allowed to retire with a full pension after a sham investigation headed by an Obama contributor in the DoJ.
  • Destruction of records and perjury is SOP now due to the lack of adverse consequences. Witness the deletion of Clinton’s emails while under subpoena; the destruction of Lois Lerner’s hard drive, VA waiting time records, the false statements cited in the EPA story above and continual slow rolling and denial of FOIA requests.
  • Use of personal email and pseudonyms is never sanctioned or punished by the DoJ. We know Barack Obama, Lisa Jackson, Lois Lerner used pseudonyms. Wikileaks provides some reason to believe this was common practice in the Obama administration.

Clearly the Dept of Justice under the Obama administration has been the most corrupt dept. since the 19th century, perhaps in history.