Our appalling media

In May I had a post detailing some of the incestuous relationships between our media and the government officials they purport to cover. Wikileaks however has shown that the press collusion is not limited to the relatively small number of media representatives with direct ties to our government. A number of the Wikileaks’s documents show much more comprehensive ties and cooperation with the media, the DNC and progressive causes than previously documented.

The media bias this election cycle has been so blatantly obvious – over 90% negative coverage of Trump, the performance of all debate moderators except for Chris Wallace and the limited coverage of the Wikileaks, as to demonstrate the collusion beyond any doubt. However we now have extensive documentation of the ties and close cooperation. It is not a pretty picture. Paul Joseph Watson has an excellent rant (language warning) on what he calls The Pressitutes of the media.

As Glenn Reynolds puts it “If you think of the media as Democrat operatives with bylines you won’t be wrong.” The public is tiring of this Democrat firewall. A Gallup Poll released in September before the Wikileaks and deluge of negative Trump coverage showed public trust in the media at an all time low.

Short of buying a major media outlet, unrealistic for most of us, our only recourse is to maintain a swarm of corrections, bias alerts and coverage on the web and social media.