Trump competence on display

We have alternate boasts from The Donald that he is an independent thinker and doesn’t rely on council for his big decision and that he only hires the best. This story seems to belie the second claim: “Trump’s campaign, by contrast, seems to be a whirlwind of incompetence and egotism“.

The Donald seems to be winging this entire campaign. His interview with Washington Post showed no thought or depth on any issue. Similarly his interview with Chris Mathews and the abortion question. He hasn’t thought through the execution of any issue beyond “Make America Great Again”. He didn’t assemble an competent campaign team and now whines about being cheated. The rules haven’t changed since 2012 – a majority, not a plurality is required to claim the nomination. Trump is the one demanding rule changes, not the GOP, at this point.

Our two worst presidents of modern times – Carter and Obama were both nano managers; Trump seems of the same mold. Unwilling to admit what they don’t know, unable to build a team of strong, competent individuals to implement a clear policy they flail in the minutia and whine, incessantly.