The Case Against Trump part 2

Inevitability – not

Trump would like you to believe that he has a commanding lead and is far away the peoples’ choice. He should have the nomination by acclamation at this point. The facts are somewhat different.


Trump has also complained that he was penalized by the large field early in the primary process. As the field has narrowed however his share of the votes have not changed significantly. He remains in the 35 – 40% range of the vote. Clearly the votes previously going to Rubio, Bush et al have not gone en masse to The Donald. Trump has not gotten over 50% of the vote in any state, although that will probably change in his home state of NY. There seems to be a ceiling on his support and his negatives are the worst of any leading candidate.

His bluster relies on amnesia of past campaigns to suggest he is the “Peoples choice” and the requirement for a majority of the delegates should be waived for some reason. Facts do not support his claim to inevitability or popularity.